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Do you feel stuck in an area of your life? Would you like to create new habits but can’t seem to shake off those old patterns? Maybe you would like to change the way you think of yourself and others, or your outlook on life. This could be your relationships, work life, health- and wellness or any other areas. 

Why are you feeling stuck and when does real change happen?

Things begin to shift when we truly start to think and feel differently about ourself.

What often happens is that we want to implement healthier ways of thinking and being. We might feel inspired by a book, yoga retreat or a conversation with a friend who feels “amazing”. We are motivated and get started with new healthy habits, but then begin to slide back into our old patterns. This happens because our mental script, the story we tell ourselves, and the lens that we see the world through hasn’t changed. Just like muscles in our body, we need to train our mind in order to think and feel differently. 

The subconscious mind (which is about 95% of the mind) is running on autopilot, and uses all it’s stored views, thoughts and beliefs that you have accumulated since childhood. The subconscious mind doesn’t care if those thoughts are supportive and positive, or self-sabotaging and negative. You are also holding patterns and memories of past events in the cells of the body. 

How to release old patterns and create new ways of thinking, feeling and being?

You will begin to release limiting beliefs and memories which are stored in the body in specific yoga sequences, designed to release physical and emotional blockages.

Then you create new powerful thought patterns through guided relaxation and meditation, when directly connecting with your subconscious mind. Practicing this on a regular basis will help to release your limiting beliefs, and replace them with supportive, positive and empowering ones. You’re changing your script and your life! 

These personalized videos will be emailed to you, so that you can access them from the comfort of your home.


Personalized-1 Video-Package: 

– 30 min phone consultation to determine your vision and goals
– 1 personalized Meditation Video (emailed via wetransfer)
– Ongoing email support
Wellness Investment: $59+GST

Personalized-4 Video-Package:

– 30 min phone consultation to determine your vision and goals
– 4 personal Meditation Videos (emailed via wetransfer)
– Ongoing email support
Wellness Investment: $159+GST  

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